Budding Shenkar Students

This project is the pioneer social enterprise of Shenkar Academy of Design in Tel Aviv, a renowned college of design and art in Israel ranked as one of the nine leading design academies in the world.  In this innovative program unique to Shenkar and Ulpanat Dolev, three students from the academy’s department of design and art will mentor and teach the Ulpanat Dolev students, who come from low socio-economic backgrounds and aspire to study design and art.  They are already studying vocational subjects such as fashion design, metal art work, videography, commercial baking, computer repair, cosmetology and hairstyling at Ulpanat Dolev but without their participation in the shenkar program they would not have had access to being exposed and allowed to study such a high level of design and art subjects as taught at the Shenkar Academy of Design.

The success of the project will be evaluated on two levels. On the first level the staff will constantly evaluate the behavior, interest and seriousness of students who have not been exposed to these subjects before and grade their progression and final project at the end of each year. Most of the 22 girls chosen for this program have already shown artistic capabilities. The second level of success of this program will be proved by their preparing a portfolio of their work that will enable them to be eligible for admission to the Shenkar Academy after high school graduation.

The time frame for the entire project is three years; it began in November 2016 and will continue until June 2019. Throughout the first year the students learn a variety of techniques such as printing on textile, sewing, working in plastics, illustration, artwork and jewelry making. The students also participate in various school workshops in collaboration with the senior teaching staff, using advanced equipment and technology.  They will study once a week at Ulpanat Dolev and once a week at Shenkar college. A Bezalel art student (subsidized by Israel’s Ministry of Labor) will mentor them in Dolev and three students of Shenkar will mentor them at the college.

Students in the second and third year of apprenticeship, working in small groups, will focus on one chosen subject and receive personal mentoring.  This accumulated knowledge will hopefully be incorporated in an impressive portfolio they will have amassed on completion of their studies.

The project is budgeted at $9,200 per year. First-year expenses (November 2016-June, 2017) have been supported by private donors (60%), with the balance provided by the operating budget of Dolev Homes for Youth.