Building Project



The mission of Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk remains the same—rebuilding the lives of at-risk teens. The acclaimed success of the Ulpanat Dolev residential treatment center for girls in Dolev has led to its expansion into a national network of 18 projects—under the banner of Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk—now serving 550 teenage boys and girls, religious and secular, in Dolev as well as Jerusalem, Ashdod and Modiin. 

As the flagship project of Dolev Homes, Ulpanat Dolev is scheduled to undergo an expansion of its own. The residential rehabilitation center currently educates some 120 high-risk girls between the ages of 11 and 19, youths who come from all parts of Israel and many who have been removed from unsupportive and abusive family environments by the court system.

Considered an innovative national project since 1988 and the recipient of several awards by Israel’s Ministries of Education and Welfare for its outstanding work, Ulpanat Dolev’s staff are an inspiration and a source of advice to similar educational institutions throughout Israel and abroad.

The Israeli government’s Ministry of Education has announced its commitment to add another floor to the school building, which will enable more students to receive the institution’s unique blend of education, therapy and vocational training on the Dolev campus.

With the expansion of the main campus, funded by the Ministry of Education, it has become necessary to expand the residential facility as well.  This new residence will house students with nuclear families who serve as surrogate families where girls from dysfunctional families will be able to experience a warm and stable environment.  

The following dedications are available:


  • Student apartments- 12 units, $12,000 each unit

  • Living /dining area—three units, $36,000 each

  • Surrogate family unit—three units, $72,000 each

  • Wing (complete floor)- three wings, $250,000 each

  • Naming of Residence building —$1 million


US Tax deductible donations can be made payable to One Israel Fund, with “Dolev Homes for Youth” written on the memo line, and mailed to One Israel Fund, 445 Central Avenue, Suite 210, Cedarhurst, NY 11516, tel. 516.239.9202 or Rabbi Marcus at  914.368.5212. Credit card donations are acceptable also via


For more information, contact Mimi Tsadok, Director of Development, 718.303.2067,