Home for Graduates

Locations: Dolev, Modiin and Ashdod


Our role as adults is to give those who are under our supervision the roots and wings to be able to fly and to fulfill their dreams.

Girls graduating from Ulpanat Dolev high school who have no family to support them and are not emotionally ready to live on their own are offered a place where they can gradually transition back to the community as independent, normative adults. In fact they have three places—with a Home for Graduates now operating in three locations: Dolev, Modiin and Ashdod.

Apartment living in each of these homes is supervised by a professional team, which includes a coordinator, social worker, teachers and a counselor. In a carefully structured program, the girls receive broad yet comprehensive life and family skills that will enable them to live independently and productively. During their stay, which can extend for up to three years after graduation, the girls will complete their matriculations, volunteer as tutors for younger students or work in local hospitals as National Service volunteers in lieu of regular Israeli army service.

The Home for Graduates project was launched in recognition of the fact that, after years of residential high school living in Ulpanat Dolev’s protected environment, graduates lacking a biological family to support them financially or emotionally were in danger of discouraging setbacks and the loss of the self-esteem they had gained as students. The Home for Graduates offers these girls an opportunity to solidify those gains and move out into Israel society with the skills and confidence to succeed.

Yearly rent for 10 apartments for High School Graduates in Jerusalem, Dolev, Modiin, and Ashdod costs $15,000 each. 

Your contributions can help ensure that these girls continue on their path to success and become productive, self-sufficient citizens of Israel.