Ilan Biton – Head of Ulpanat Dolev

Ilan Biton – Head of Ulpanat Dolev

Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk continues to expand and develop our facilities and programs. Through growth like this year’s events, Dolev can continue to reach out to those in need, enriching even more lives, assisting them to become productive members of our communities.

Dolev has seen many exciting changes over the last months and years:

  • The opening of 4 new mishpachtonim(group family homes) for post-hospitalized girls ages 11-20 who had suffered serious trauma and abuse and were referred to us by psychiatric institutions in Israel. This past year has also witnessed an increase in the number of girls at risk from the ultra-Orthodox population who have requested acceptance in our dormitories in Jerusalem.
  • The completion ofa multi-function building with classrooms and laboratories for our vocational training programs (cosmetology, hair styling, fashion design and sewing, multi-media production, professional photography and music studies.) Unfortunately, we had to rebuild the metal art studio after it was burned down by the terror arsonist last November. We also added a new carpentry workshop to this studio. These vocational programs will hopefully give our students the skills needed to be able to integrate successfully into the Israeli work force.
  • The intiation of aunique three-year program began for 22 chosen talented students. “Budding Shenkar Students”- a social enterprise unique to both Ulpanat Dolev and the Shenkar Academy of Design, a renowned college of design and art in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is ranked as one of the nine leading design academies in the world- and unique to Israel as well.  In this pioneering program, three M.A. students from Shenkar’s department of design and art mentor and teach Ulpanat Dolev students who aspire to a career in design and art.  Our “budding students” exhibited their art work at the Modiin Azriel mall this past July.
  • We have refurbished many of the mishpachtonim and opened our new building for three new mishpachton families of 36 students and three families.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends of Partners Reaching Out to Ulpanat Dolev in Riverdale, NY, the Toronto Jewish community and the Houston Jewish Foundation for their support in helping with the costs of renewing our campus after the fire damages last November. We are also planning to name and furnish the memorial music therapy room and outdoor leisure area in memory of Erez Orbach HY”D, who was killed in the terror attack in January, 2017. Erez was the beloved grandson of Mimi Tsadok, our Director of Development.

We at Ulpanat Dolev and Dolev Homes for Youth wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy year of peace and prosperity and thank you for your support of our life-saving programs.

Ilan Biton, Director