Individualized, Personal Curriculum

Dolev Homes for Youth has developed a model myriad therapy program combining a warm family environment with a highly professional staff in order to bring the students to their personal fulfillment and educational empowerment. According to this model an individualized treatment plan is built for every girl and boy. The program includes educational, therapeutic aspects, social and vocational- each individual program is built according to the needs of each student.  The Therapeutic Centre incorporates various aspects: psychiatric and psychological  therapists and eight social workers, family home coordinators-all in an effort to address the specific needs of each youth.

This individual treatment leads to strengthening self-identity, successful integration into society. The model proved successful among the youth, and praised by government agencies and professionals.

Girls each summer work as counselors for the Dolev children summer camp.







Girls develop personal relationships with their campers





The girls form a personal connection with the campers and with their parents in the community. The girls learn to take responsibility, reveal leadership, fitness and even  initiate activities. They work actively and diligently throughout the day. Most importantly, they explore the power they have, their abilities, attributes, and values are based on social skills.  They create a bond that is new to them, their self-image emerges, and they also realize an important aspect of their personalities and values. Both sides benefit- both girls and community residents of Dolev.