Since March 2014, Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk has adopted two unique groups of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) girls (ages 14-17) and young women (ages 18-22) who cannot or refuse to live with their biological families on a full-time basis. These dormitories are patterned after the successful dormitory and transition homes of Ulpanat Dolev graduates since 1990 and include religious studies, individual and group therapy and personal business coaching in the afternoon and evening hours.

Since last year, Yedidut Toronto of the Friedberg Charitable Foundation have been supporting these satellite projects together with Dolev Homes in two Jerusalem neighborhoods. As of this September, 2015, two more satellite projects for at risk high school students and one transition home will begin to absorb a total of 70 Haredi girl students in a total of 5 locations in Jerusalem.

Each of these “homes” staffs a director, social worker, house mother, counselor, and maintenance crew.  Expenses of Dolev Homes includes salaries for this staff, utilities, furnishings, appliances, food, maintenance, etc. as needed to maintain a normal home for 10-15 girls in each dorm.

The total cost of each dormitory, besides rent, totals 100,000 NIS ($26,300) each year for each housing unit- a total of 500,000 NIS ($131,600) each year is quite a drain on the operating budget of Dolev Homes for Youth.

We sincerely hope you will partner with us to help these girls come “back from the brink” and learn to lead successful, productive lives and reconnect, G-d willing, with their families as well.