OFEK (“New Horizons”)-Vocational Training Center

Objectives for OFEK Vocational Studies:

  • Preparing girls with “soft skills” and integration in the normal community life and work with professional business skills required in the Israeli market
  • OFEK encourages girls to experience and to develop abilities and skills before they are even aware of them. Most girls have no self esteem or confidence that they will succeed in life.
  • OFEKhelps new Ulpanat Dolev students to be absorbed smoothly, to feel a sense of belonging and connection to the ulpana staff and students.


Ultimate Goals of OFEK Vocational Studies:

  • Personal development  – Fostering the autonomy of the individual student to integrate  into the community and the work force for a normative quality of life
  • Self-fulfillment- the realization of the right to feel and live a productive and helpful life.
  • Developing personal and interpersonal coping skills.
  • Fostering moral autonomy and self-esteem
  • Preparation for working life: learning to write a resume, interview skills and general good behavior in a public working environment  and in general.


Beauty Care

The aim of the course is to teach professional  tools of cosmetology for personal and for professional use. For example: hygiene, modesty, acceptable makeup, personal and body awareness.  A positive and pleasant atmosphere is combined with a great deal of desire to learn and develop.   The course  integrates diverse topics in class with practical work experience.

Project Details:

  • Makeup course for advanced students- Girls suitable for this make-up course upon graduation receive a professional makeup case and personal ”book” to use for work in the future.
  • Coupons for treatments are given to excelling students


Metal Art and Carpentry

  • Metal Art  sculpture is designed for target groups on different levels.  Work is done individually and professionally adapted to each student.
  • Art in General and Metal Art and Carpentry in particular allows a student to express their emotions and inner spirit  not easily  expressed in other formal ways or therapies.
  • There are several important principles to be learned about  this type of potentially dangerous work:
  1. At the beginning of each session- students wear protective clothing, footwear, shields and other accessories
  2. They learn to plan their project with sketches and receive a personal, private cabinet in the studio
  3. They  work with tools and special techniques along with safety measures and other work skills.
  4. For 25 creative students, Shenkar College of Design has opened their doors to them twice a month there and twice a month at the ulpana for classes in art, fashion and industrial design.  At the end of the first year of their course at Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv, the girls participated in an exhibition of well-known artists in Modiin which added pride and value to their own special quality of work.
  5. Future plans- Sales of their artwork to the general public before Passover


  • Study and experience of the hairdressing profession
  • This course in hairdressing is a professional certified course which is designed for the ulpana’s graduates.


Goals of the Course:

Establishing the feeling of the girls self esteem and self work, that they are capable of rebuilding themselves.

Developing a sense of aesthetics and design for the girls.

Experiencing the success and professionalism in the field of hairstyles

Graduates will be certified with a life profession

Project Description:

  • Empowerment days: report cards at end of first semester and then at the end of the academic year.
  • Haircuts given to other students or staff.
  • Coupons for haircuts are given to top students
  • Graduates visit a beauty salon once a week
  • Several fieldtrips to salons during the year and visits by beauticians to the ulpana
  • Certification at the end of the year with hairdressing equipment and portfolio compiled for future work.
  • A beauty salon on the premises is operated by the students themselves with supervision

Fashion Sewing and Design

שיעור כלכלת בית

שיעורי כלכלת הבית עוזרים לתלמידים לרכוש מיומנויות לניהול עצמי, ולשפר את יכולות הקריאה, החשבון והפעילות במרחב

בין היתר לומדות הבנות את מקצוע “כלכלת הבית”, בו הם מתנסים בבישול ואפייה. השיעור מתקיים בקבוצות קטנות בתוך מטבח מקצועי-טיפולי הכולל עמדות גז אישיות, מכשירי חשמל ביתיים, שולחנות עבודה וכלי מטבח.

בזמן הבישול והאפייה משפרים התלמידים את יכולות הלמידה שלהם בתחומי הקריאה והחשבון, על ידי קריאת מתכונים וחישובי הכמויות. בעזרת המורה רוכשים התלמידים שליטה ברזי המטבח ומגיעים להכנת תוצרים משביעי רצון וקיבה המעניקים להם סיפוק, הנאה ותחושת הישגיות חיובית המשפיעה על ביטחונם העצמי.

הדגשים בשיעור:

  • הקניית הרגלי סדר נקיון והגיינה
  • שמירה על נקיון המזון איכותו וטריותו
  • רכישת כללי בטיחות בעבודה עם מכשירי חשמל וכלים חדים
  • מודעות לתזונה נכונה

סודות הבישול והאפייה מאפשרים לילדים לרכוש את הכישורים הנדרשים לחיים עצמאיים