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Your donation  can make a difference in the life of a troubled teen by helping us rebuild our students’ lives and help them realize their potential to succeed in life by learning to trust others and themselves.


  • Financial Contributions
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    • Building Projects- Ulpanat Dolev, Ashdod
    • Wish Lists for individual programs
      • Mishpachton in Dolev
      • Overall for all locations
    • Legacy Funds- PEF, OIF
    • Bar/Bat Mitzvah/School Tzedakah Projects
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    • Bar/Bat Mitzvah/School Chessed Projects
  • Furnishings for Mishpachtonim (Family Homes), dormitories
  • Sponsor events (put in samples of events already held for inspiring new events-use categories below?)
    • Twinning/Bat Mitzvah/Student or class matching
    • Parlor meetings
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    • Other Ideas Welcome
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