“New Horizons” Vocational Training Program

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All Dolev Homes for Youth students in Dolev, Ashdod, Jerusalem and Modiin also participate in certified vocational tracks. (See below).


This  " New Horizons " vocational study initiative offers a range of certified professional training in areas such as commercial baking, cosmetics, hair design, sewing and fashion design, horseback riding, photography, videography, studio music recording and metal art design. They are prepared with theoretical knowledge, practical content and basic skills for future professional work.


  • Confectionery – "Sweet Success Bakery"- commercial pastry and hotel baking plus event planning. A special group in Dolev has been selected to prepare pie shells on a regular basis for a French pastry company in Israel.
  • Metal Art Design- Ulpanat Dolev students learn welding to create works of art from hard metals. For example, every Chanuka they make and exhibit their bronze Hanuka menorahs to the public.
  • Beauty Care- makeup, manicure and hair design.
  • Professional Photography Workshop
  • Recording Studio- writing, composing and producing original songs in Dolev
  • Carpentry and minor repair work
  • Fashion Design –sewing and fashion concepts in the textile industry
  • Early Childhood Care- students study childhood psychology in Dolev and practice early childhood care in the Dolev community’s preschool. Here they learn proper mothering skills that often were lacking by their own biological mothers.

Contact Info

Mimi Bernstein Tsadok

Director of Development
Dolev Homes for Youth
Mobile in Israel: 052-8990546
USA: 1-718-303-2067
Email: mimi@dolev4u.org