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Auditor’s Report to the directors of the institution

Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk (registered not for profit institution)



We have audited the attached reports of financial position of Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk (registered not for profit institution) as of December 31, 2013, and 2012, the statement of results of operations, the statements of changes in net assets of the institution, and statements of cash flow that ended on those dates. These financial statements are the responsibility of the institution board. Our responsibility is to formulate and opinion on these financial statements on the basis of our audit.


We have conducted our audit according to generally accepted auditing standards, which include standards that have been fixed as the standards of auditors (in the way that auditors work), 5773 – 1973. According to these standards it was sought from us to conduct the audit performed in order to obtain reasonable assurance that the represented financial statements are not essentially in error. The audit includes tests of evidence supporting the amounts and information in the financial statements. The audit also includes an examination of the application of accounting rules and meaningful estimations that were made by the institution board, and likewise appropriate evaluations that are depicted in these financial statements as a whole. We hold that our audit supplies a proper basis for our opinion.


According to our opinion the financial statements mentioned above properly reflect according to generally accepted accounting principles, in all essential aspects, the financial position of the institution as of December 31, 2013 and 2012, as well as its results of operations, changes in net assets, and cash flow for each of the years that ended on those dates consistent with generally accepted accounting principles in Israel.



November 13, 2014                              D. Heldenberg & Co., Certified Public  Accountants