Ulpanat Dolev

A total of 450 youth at risk are mentored by the Ulpanat Dolev staff in Dolev with mirrored outreach programs for youth at risk (secular and religious, boys and girls) in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Modiin and Jerusalem.

What we stand for: Besides giving the girls a secular and religious high school education, Ulpanat Dolev, a residential treatment center and school, aims to imbue students with a love for the essence of Judaism whatever their background. In a non-coercive atmosphere, the girls get emotional support while learning vocational and life skills in the framework of Torah values.

Who supports Ulpanat Dolev?  The Israel Ministries of Welfare and Education subsidize 80 percent of the school’s operational costs. Many Israeli and American foundations and private donors support Ulpanat Dolev and their projects. Foremost, however, has been the support given from our partners in One Israel Fund.  They have supported our many programs, buildings and even a beautiful playground to serve our girls and the community of Dolev.  They also bring missions to our school as well to see firsthand the chessed being done for these troubled teens at risk. We would definitely not be able to give our students the proper therapies and aesthetic campus we enjoy today without the help of the generous donors of One Israel Fund.

Our needs: Each year, Ulpanat Dolev needs extra funds for students that are especially needy—those with severe emotional and physical trauma. Clothing, books, extra tutoring, and private psychiatric care for these students comes to $3,000 each per year, an expense not covered by government subsidies. In 2010-2011, Ulpanat Dolev anticipates that 25 students will need these services, for a total of $75,000.

Our most urgent need is support for our new Vocational Center with tracks in Computer Repair, Multi-media Communications, and Pastry Baking. For example, a donation of $500 can sponsor a girl for one month to be able to participate in this important program. Donors who can help make this investment will be rebuilding lives and improving the fabric of Israeli society.