Urgent Appeal



A huge forest fire begun in the nearby Dolev forest. Soon the fire spread to the campus of Ulpanat Dolev, a residential treatment center for 110 girls, who were fortunately quickly evacuated to a synagogue in the nearby Talmon community.
As a result of the fire, two storage buildings(blankets, clothes, books, mattresses, etc.) were burned to the ground. A family group home, the school kitchen and the vocational metal art studio suffered severe fire damage as well.
In addition to the trauma felt by the whole school, the total loss of supplies, furnishing, clothes and equipment will limit our efforts towards accepting new students. Therefore we are requesting emergency assistance to be able to bring our school and our students back to our normal routine as quickly as possible.


A list of the fire damages:

1. Warehouse – repairing the frame, new shelves and replacing equipment including linens, pillows, mattresses, bedding, clothing, and shoes–$5,650.

2. Warehouse containing didactic equipment and art and school supplies, books, shelves, machinery, publications and marketing materials-$71,000

3. Metal Art Studio portable building was damaged, including iron melding tools, furnace, propane gas- $8,900

4. Mishpachton (Family Home)- damage to the outside structure, kitchen equipment, windows and furniture-$3,900

5. Air-conditioners- damage to 8 AC- $7,100

6. Outdoor lighting, new water pipes, solar heaters and collectors- $22,800

7. Damage to food in the Freezer Room- $6,052

8. Damage to Kitchen Freezers and Equipment- $5,000

9. Tearing down structures burnt by the fire and general restoration of the grounds nearby- $5,200


Easy Donations Options

U.S. credit card donations can be paid online via www.dolev4u.org to Partners Reaching Out to Ulpanat Dolev

or  via One Israel Fund via www.oneisraelfund.


Please be sure to specify the project “Dolev Homes for Youth”.

For Canadian tax exemptions, donations can be endorsed and sent to Beth Oloth, 525 Coldstream Avenue, Toronto, ONT M6B 2K7, Canada