General Wish List for Dolev Homes for Youth-July, 2017

Naming of New Mishpachton (Family Group) Residence: A Total of 8 girls’ bedrooms with 4 in each bedroom, 2 family apartments, and 2 recreation rooms-three stories total $1,000,000
Naming of School Building: consists of an auditorium, exercise gym, classrooms, library, synagogue, including kitchen and dining area, therapeutic facilities and vocational training. $400,000
Naming of each wing of New Mishpachton (Family Group) Residence: $250,000 X 3
Naming of One Parents’ apartment-three total $72,000 each X 3
One Recreation Room in new residence for each family $36,000 each X 3
Naming of One apartment in each residence for four girls each $12,000 X 12
Yearly Rent for 10 Apartments for High School Graduates- in Jerusalem, Dolev, Modiin and Ashdod  (no government subsidies after age 18) $15,000 X 10
Finding the REAL ME: Four-year program to understand and prevent sexual abuse and to cure girls suffering from sexual abuse $15,675
Music Therapy Room- soundproofing, recording equipment and musical instruments in memory of Erez Orbach HYD killed in recent terror attack  $12,000
Budding Shenkar Students: courses in design at Shenkar College of Design for 23 Dolev students $9,200 per year
Loudspeaker System: Throughout the campus and staff residence nearby. $5,000
Adoption Program: “adopting” disadvantaged students to cover their total costs (food, schooling, books, lodgings, extracurricular activities, etc.) $5,000 per student per year
Academic Scholarship Program- to enable our graduates to study academic courses at Bar Ilan and Ariel Universities, nursing Programs at local hospitals, teaching seminaries, etc. $3,000 per student per year
Vocational Training – 8 month courses-videography, photography, baking, cosmetology, fashion design, metal art, hairstyling.  $3,000 per student/course
Furnishings for Mishpachtonim (10 Family Home Units at Ulpanat Dolev) AND Dorms in Jerusalem and Modiin: Desks, beds, closets, carpets, lighting, nightstands, curtains etc. $3,000 per bedroom
Sound System for music therapy and performances-microphones, speakers, stands, etc. $2,700
“Dogs for People”- in Ashdod– animal therapy-twice a week ($256 for a 2-hour session with 6 dogs) $2,048/month